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Integrated 5 GHz failover

Because 60 GHz radio waves are affected by rain, our products have a built-in 5 GHz radio that works as a failover. This backup mechanism seamlessly changes the frequency as needed for robust operation in any climate or rain zone.

High-gain but small form factor

High frequency antennas are much smaller in size and have higher gains when compared to the same sized lower frequency antennas. 60 GHz devices therefore will not overcrowd your poles, rooftops or towers. When installed in residential applications, MetroLinq devices are also less easily noticed by home owners.


MU-MIMO was created to support environments where multiple users are trying to access the wireless network at the same time. It helps this by allowing for multiple users to access router functions without the congestion

Highly secure and great for frequency re-use

The 60 GHz band is characterised as being highly affected by oxygen absorption which means signals transmitted from a 60GHz radio will not travel as far as other frequencies. Frequency re-use makes the products ideal not only for open rural areas, but also dense urban deployments.


Enterprise Networks

High bandwidth, low latency, and low interference are all important characteristics when building successful enterprise wireless networks. Our products can be used to quickly extend fibre networks to nearby areas as well as extend internal networks to remote locations. Using the our Wireless Fibre product line, both private and governmental enterprises can securely build multi-gigabit networks and cater to the increasing demands for high speed connectivity.

Security and Surveillance

. Our 60 GHz Wireless Fibre products are an ideal solution for dense urban metropolitan network. Our products are also able to provide fiber-like connectivity and ensure carrier-grade security of data being transmitted throughout the network for video, internet services, or IoT sensor data.

The best campus facilities

Today’s education system requires robust Wi-Fi connectivity in order to cater the needs of resource-demanding applications, such as video streaming in a classroom to many simultaneously connected student devices, serving a high number of users during breaks and events, and ensuring the security of the network.

App MarketPlace

Rational is taking a new approach to managed Wireless ISP by opening up a marketplace within the Our Cloud platform. Multiple “over the top” applications are available in the marketplace that enable customers to monazite and secure their Wi-Fi networks, enable music streaming, setup up LTE backup, and many more. 


A stable internet connection is an essential part of a customer’s experience in the hospitality market, no matter if that location is a small bed and breakfast, or a large worldwide hotel chain providing conference and event-hosting services. Great performance and low total cost of ownership make the Our Cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution ideal for this market. Centralized management and monitoring also allows easy expansion and simplifies monitoring and remote troubleshooting. 

Managed service providers (MSPs)

Rational managed Wi-Fi solution gives service providers the opportunity to offer managed Wi-Fi services to enterprise customers who don’t have a dedicated IT staff. The cloud-based controller makes configuration easy, and enables monitoring and troubleshooting of remote networks from anywhere in the world. The simple licensing structure makes it a hassle free solution. With our solution, MSPs can enable their customers, like retail stores, offices, hotels, and others to concentrate on their main business activities while enjoying fast, secure, and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity.

Our WirelessFibre Cloud

Easy, powerful, & affordable cloud-managed WiFi

“Our 60 GHz Wireless Fibre products are ideal as wireless backhauls to a variety of networks: small cell (mobile), public Wi-Fi, campus connectivity, ISPs, and more. The 60 GHz band has no interference compared to the other available unlicensed bands (2.4 and 5 GHz), which are crowded due to Wi-Fi access deployments and growing IoT networks.”

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